Support Saint John Neumann Regional School.

Did you know you can support our school by just purchasing things you need every day?
Groceries? Gift Cards? Gas?

With the Scrip program, you can purchase prepaid cards from a huge selection of merchants and a percentage of the sale will go directly to Saint John Neumann Regional School. It’s easy!

  1. Point your favorite web browser to:
  2. You will need to log in, or if this is your first order, click on “Family Signup” to Register.
  3. Create your account, and click the button labeled “I Accept”
  4. Enter the following Enrollment Code: 3EL811D614681
  5. Shop!
  6. Place your order, and check out.
  7. Print 2 copies of the confirmation page. Write your instructions for delivery in the appropriate area.
  8. Send 1 copy  to the school to the attention of Diane and Chris Fenstermaker with your check or money order payment  and keep 1 copy for your records.  Make checks payable to ‘SJNRS-HSA’
  9. Your order will be filled by the Scrip Administrator. Orders are fulfilled every 2 weeks.

It’s that simple! You’re spending money you would spend anyway…and you’re helping our school with our fundraising efforts!

It’s Fun!  It’s EASY to shop with SCRIP!!!

If you would like to make a donation to Saint John Neumann Regional School, please contact the school office at 610-826-2354.